We don’t train clients, members or athletes. We train Sheepdogs, the dying breed left to protect the flock from the wolf.


Our Creed..

Training America's Military, First Responders and More...

The world today is creating more sheep and wolves and the sheepdog who is lone warrior left to protect the flock is slowly fading away. The concept of sheepdog fitness is simple, strong mind and body. When you start our program you are not a member, a client, or an athlete, you are a warrior. The founders of Sheepdog Fitness have diverse backgrounds in Law enforcement, Fire Service and Military Special



Jen Telford 
MS Kinesiology, TSAC, CPT

Director of Programming

My love of health, wellness and fitness began at a very early age. I grew up playing competitive soccer and softball until college where I started to focus more on overall strength and fitness with a passion for nutrition. In my 20 years as a fitness professional and exercise physiologist I have gained an enormous amount of experience and knowledge of working with all different populations. I have a Masters Degree in Kinesiology from California Baptist University where I honed my skills as a wellness coach. My professional background for the past 13 years has been working with Law Enforcement, Fire and Military personnel. I not only work with them at the start of their career during their training academy, but throughout their careers focusing on improving and maintaining not only their fitness, but their mental and emotional wellness as well. As we all know, addiction can affect anyone at any stage of life and I feel fortunate to play a role in the healing and strengthening process of overcoming addiction and mental illness. My focus for every individual I work with is to find what motivates them and to help them see how strong they truly are.


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Training America's Military, First Responders and More...
Serving the mental emotional physical needs of veterans first responders.

Mon - Fri, 5am - 9pm
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